Breakfast Royal


A rare thing for me, the time and inclination to have a proper breakfast.

I’m just not a morning person, so very little thought goes into it usually. Smoothie and microwaved porridge I’m shamed to say are the norm.

So today, having the opportunity to be out the office, I popped into Cafe Royal in Newcastle (opposite the Grainger market those who know the city).

I went for the Egg Benedict which were pretty good, but a bit tight on the Hollandaise, and a large coffee as I’m sadly addicted.

Anyway, better sign out and head back to the day job….


The Broad Chare, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Having spent the last few hours dodging around shoppers doing the zombie walk though department stores, decided it was time for a pit stop. Being pretty chilly we swung by a favourite joint.

The Broad Chare, near Newcastle’s Quayside, is a pub run by the 21 group and therefore has good food as standard along with a range of British, European and American beer.

Particular to this pub are the range of bar snacks on offer: cauliflower fritters, crispy pigs ears, Lindisfarne oysters, pork pies, monkfish cheeks and a 1/4 pint of prawn to name a few.

Top of the pile though are the scotch eggs. Somehow, they come out consistently good with a soft yolk guaranteed. Heaven.

So, it’s little surprise that, feeling a bit indulgent as it’s the weekend, we went for the scotch eggs (along with everyone else sat there it seemed) along with monkfish cheeks for me.

And a pint of ale of course. It is Saturday after all…