Pulled Beef Take 2 – The Pasta

Pulled beef ragu

Delicious as it is, I wouldn’t normally bother you all with a beef ragu type dish. Everyone has their own version and favorite recipe anyway.

I thought I’d put this up here though as it is possibly the tastiest version I’ve made. It uses the left over pulled beef from yesterday’s post, which after being in the fridge for a day or two was even richer.

I was recently in an Italian restaurant in Newcastle that did the richest shin of beef ragu – it was deep red, almost purple from the wine and a little sweet.I was reminded of it by the pulled beef and so simply added a large glass of fruity red wine to the leftovers and let it reduce for a short while.

Slow cooked beef red wine

With a silicon spatula, it came away and held its ‘shape’. Done! Sorry about the steamy shot…

For the pasta, I used some big pennoni rigati tubes but any large, ridged pasta will do.

Yes, I know, pretty simple. Sorry. But big on flavour and totally worthy of doing.

Slow cooked beef ragu


6 thoughts on “Pulled Beef Take 2 – The Pasta

  1. This looks exceptionally tasty! I’m very tempted to do a big batch and freeze it. I think that a visit to my local butchers is called for….

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