Chilli Basil Chicken Burger

A nice quick one tonight!

Sometimes, (but only sometimes!) like most people,  I can’t really be bothered to spend an hour or so in the kitchen after a long day at work. This takes 15 minutes tops, if you have everything ready.

Chicken, the blank canvas that it is, means these burger are completely customisable too. I was thinking of using some coriander, fish sauce and lime for a Thai flavour. Or, you could throw in some curry spices or cajun spices of course and change the condiments to match.

I went for chilli and basil with a little garlic oil here though.

Ingredients and method:

Simplicity itself really –  just blitz two chicken breasts in a food processor with a whole (mild-ish) red chilli, a handful of basil leaves, two good sized pinches of salt and a glug of garlic infused oil.

Wet your hands and scoop out the mixture, forming into two burger-patty shapes.

Heat a griddle pan until you’re on the verge of setting off the smoke and alarms and add the patties. Once you start to see the sides colouring all the way up (5-6 mins or so), flip them over for another 5 mins or until cooked through.

Try not to overcook them or they will dry out, so a temperature probe is useful here (insert it at a low angle though to get the centre).

Set the cooked patties aside and char the buns a little on the griddle. Serve it up with salad leaves, tomato and some cracked black pepper mayo.


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