Slab of crab pub grub

We stopped off at the Highlander Inn, Belsay on the way back from the Wallington Hall food festival (more on that tomorrow). Lovely pub.

I ordered the Lindisfarne crab salad and got this bad boy! Never been intimidated by salad before…

The crab was delicious, but my only reservation was that the salad needed a dressing (in my humble opinion). Beer was was too (Nel’s Best, thanks for asking).


2 thoughts on “Slab of crab pub grub

  1. This is the post that introduced me to the Highlander pub two years ago. Hubby and I quite often visit for a meal out. So far all my steaks there have been perfect i.e. they also rest the meat properly (not every restaurant does that). Thought I’d say thanks (though belated), and also thanks for your blog which I enjoy reading.

    • Not at all – thanks very much for that, I really appreciate the feedback.

      How times flies; that was the last time we’d been there in fact. I’ll must take the kids up to Wallington and stop by on the way back. Thank you for the reminder!

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